Filter Bags

PP filter bag is made from polypropylene filter through felting, quality inspection cutting, welding or seaming process. This is a depth type filter, it can trap contaminants in different depths to accomplish the filtration requirements. The irregular fiber structure of the depth type filter media not only greatly reduces the filter bed effect but also captures soft and unsymmetrical contamination particles to improve filtration performance.

Polypropylene Filter Bags

We offer to our clients a wide range of Polypropylene Filter Bags, which efficiently cater to various requirements of clients. These polypropylene filter bags are made from the best available raw material in industry. 
Physical and Chemical Characteristics: 
  • Bag material - Collar type
  • Polypropylene Solvent
  • Strong Acid I
  • Weak Acid I
  • Strong Alkali I
  • Weak Alkali 
Chemical Property:
  • Slightly Hydraulic, Hydrophobic 
  • Max. Temp.93 (C) 

Technical Data: Initial P(*) 0.14 Bar/2 psid • Change - Out P 1.40 Bar / 20 psid • Max. P 2.40 Bar/ 35 psid • Recommended Temp Below 71 C /160 F • Max. Operating Temp. 93 C/ 200 F Micron Rating • Bag Type Micron Ratings available (mm) • PPEB 1, 5, 10, 22, 50, 75, 100 Microns Initial P Depends on different micron rating, liquid viscosity and flow rate, which shall be calculated according to specific conditions when choosing the filtration system.

Industrial Filter Bags

We are one of the leading importers and manufacturers of all types of Industrial Filter Bags for various applications in India Our filter bags are working in various industries, formulation units, paint booths, Chemical Units, Pharmaceuticals, etc., and repeated orders from them proves our quality. Our range of filter bags such as Mesh Filter Bags, Needle Felt Filter bags, Multi Layer Filter Bags, Woven and Non Woven Filter Bags and Leaf Filter bag Non woven bags available in P-84, Aramid (Nomex) PP, Ryton, Polyester, Fiber Glass, Acryclic, PTFE, FR Coated. Woven bags available in cotton canvas cloth, cotton filter cloth and polyester filter cloth, PP Spun Filer Cloth, Polyester multifilament filter cloth, Nylon Filter cloth, fiberglass cloth, asbestos cloth, mono filament cloth, HDPE cloth, Wire mesh cloth, bolting cloth. We can provide the filter bag collars in different types. These are Snap Ring Type, SS Ring Type, Rubber Collar Type (Neoprene Collar, Silicon Collar, Nitrite Collar, and Viton Collar) and Polypropylene Collar. We are also manufacturing above bags as per the customer specification and can supply any type of bags and media as per the sample.